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Connect Arryved
How to get started using Fresh KDS with Arryved

Before you begin, you'll need the following:

  • Strong Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Assigned Static IP address for your tablet (Strongly Recommended)
  • A Static IP address will prevent your tablet's IP address from changing. If your IP address changes, your Point of Sale could disconnect from Fresh KDS.
*Note: Fresh KDS will not work if you use your Arryved device as a hotspot.

💫 Step 1: Contact Arryved to get started with the integration.

A member of the Arryved Support Team will help you through the setup process, including creating an account with Fresh KDS.

Once you are in contact with Arryved, the following steps will be completed together with an Arryved Specialist. Here is what to expect:

Step 2: Download the Fresh KDS App.

1. Obtain a tablet device from the Arryved catalog.

2. Download the Fresh KDS App onto your dedicated tablet.

3. Open the Fresh KDS app, and log in using your account credentials.

4. Follow the prompts and give your screen a descriptive name like "Espresso," "Bar," or "Kitchen."

5. Select 'Arryved' as your POS system.

6. Once installed, an Arryved Specialist will help sync the device from your Fresh Dashboard.

Step 3: Register Fresh KDS in the Arryved Portal.  

An Arryved Specialist will walk you through the steps to register your Fresh KDS device in the Arryved Portal.

Step 4: Set up Order Routing.

Set up order routing with an Arryved Specialist. Orders from different venues or ordering platforms (such as OpenTab, Online Store, etc.) can route to various screens. Different item types can also route to their intended screens.

Think of your KDS screen as a printer; the routing of orders will act the same.

Step 5: Place your Fresh KDS tablet in the kitchen.

1. Choose where to place your Fresh KDS screen.

  • Some place it right above a prep station.
  • Others find that mounting it on a nearby wall with a waterproof case is best.

2. If using multiple screens, be sure the name matches the station placement.

Step 6: Train your staff & profit! 💸

1. Show how to mark items as complete & how to clear tickets.

  • Tap to cross out items as complete.
  • Tap the ticket header to clear and remove it from the screen.

2. Show how to recall orders.

  • Tap the recall button located on the left navigation bar.

3. Show this video for a brief introduction.

Need additional help getting started? Contact Arryved with any questions or concerns.