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Key insights of the coffee industry

Fresh and RDY have partnered to create our first industry report for independent coffee shops in California. Our goal was to allow coffee shops to benchmark themselves against other restaurants to keep up to date with industry trends.

Here's What You Will Learn

Here's what you will learn

Millennials and GenZ flock to mobile and online ordering
Challenges with using technology for coffee shops
Inflation, and what that means for menu pricing trends
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What we discovered...

Consumer preferences for digital ordering and short wait times are here to stay, but legacy solutions have not necessarily translated into a positive experience for baristas.

Nearly every coffee shop is prioritizing their digital relationship with customers, but face challenges to do so. Over 50% of coffee shops indicated that their biggest pain point with mobile & online orders, is that they are disruptive to existing workflow or result in bad pick up times.

If you’re looking to invest in a digital strategy that works around you, and not the other way around,  Fresh & RDY have partnered to specifically address the needs of coffee shops and baristas.

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