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How a simple integration with Fresh KDS set a craft-centric POS system apart from the competition.

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About Arryved

Founded in 2016, Arryved is a craft-centric POS system that has flourished into serving all kinds of food, drink, music, and hospitality partners. Arryved continues to strive to deliver a flexible, reliable, team centric platform that puts service first in every way.

An Unexpected Pivot

Arryved had been working with breweries for years before COVID 19. When the pandemic hit and the new regulations were enacted, many of those breweries were forced to add restaurants and kitchens in order to stay open. This meant that Arryved's customer needs were changing overnight, and with each added kitchen came more complexities and new challenges.

Meeting the Demand

Arryved saw a significant increase in customer demand for a Kitchen Display System (KDS) in 2021. After considering to build their own KDS Arryved decided to focus on forming an integrations product team to find the right partners to integrate with their POS.

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"We zeroed in on Fresh KDS because of the simplicity of the APIs and how easily it integrated for us. It just made sense because our printer logic is very robust. As soon as we realized your APIs were simple enough that we could just treat it as a printer that made everything just click."

Bob Lichens

Integrations Product Manager
Bob Lichens
Integrations Product Manager | Arryved
Easy API Integration
Restaurant/Kitchen Expertise
Helpful & Supportive Partnership

From Concept to Demo

After reviewing and loving Fresh KDS’s API’s they decided to move forward with a proof of concept. Arryved brought Fresh KDS to a craft brewers conference to demonstrate the power of Fresh KDS to stakeholders and potential customers. With the help of Fresh KDS’s partnerships team, Arryved was able to go from proof of concept to running demos in just 4 weeks.

“We're thrilled to be working with Fresh KDS. Regardless of what kind of kitchen our merchants are working with—dine-in, takeout, or food trucks—this solution significantly improves their operations. It's an integration that sets Arryved apart from standard POS systems."

Stephen Younge

CTO | Arryved

Let's create the next great integration.

We've created multiple ways for you to get your data in or out, or extend the functionality of the system to meet your operational requirements. The only limitation is your imagination. Contact us to learn more about integrating with Fresh KDS.