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Your kitchen, digitized

Fresh KDS is an affordable, lightweight kitchen display system that can replace paper tickets and instantly improve speed of service for restaurants of all sizes and service models.

Integrated with the best POS systems in the industry.

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Integrating with the best POS and online ordering systems in the industry.


Customize each KDS screen

Personalize your KDS with different themes, colors, and sounds to fit the unique needs of your restaurant. Explore the various display modes available to maximize the visibility of tickets and optimize kitchen efficiency.

Classic View

Achieve a simple, clean display. Classic View is our default display mode. Tickets are neatly organized in a single, horizontal line — making them very easy to read.

Tiled View

Fit the most tickets on screen. Tiled View is an ideal way to display orders in busy kitchens. Orders are arranged in a grid-like pattern, with tickets filling in from top to bottom, left to right — maximizing screen space!

Split View

Organize by fulfillment type. Split View is an easy way for chefs to differentiate between in-house and takeout orders. Tickets are displayed from left to right in two horizontal rows — creating a clear distinction!


Real-time ticket management

Strikethrough individual items, modifiers, and clear tickets as you go.

Pull forward urgent orders or rearrange ones that are more complex.

Place tickets on a temporary hold and schedule them to display later.

Recall previously cleared orders to your KDS home screen.


Configurable kitchen analytics

Customize ticket transition times for each order type to gain valuable insights into performance.


Easily spot order delays with color-coded headers for Caution and Late orders. Monitor overall fulfillment speeds with KDS metrics and make informed decisions that improve efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.


Send messages

Satisfy your customers' cravings for updates with order status SMS messages sent directly to their phones. Set custom message content for each order type, and personalize it with the customer’s name, order pick up time, and more!

Real-Time Notifications

Choose to send a message when an order is received, in the works, or ready for pickup.

"I'm Here" Links

Add an "I'm Here" link that customers can click to let you know when they have arrived.


Cross-screen communication

Connect and collaborate with ease. Sync multiple KDS screens together to optimize communication and streamline order management in your restaurant.


Strikethrough individual items, modifiers, or clear tickets simultaneously on multiple screens.

Send To Next Screen

Forward tickets down the line as each station completes its portion of the order.


Order tracker companion app

Serve up real-time updates on a customer-facing screen using an Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Fresh KDS Order Tracker companion app. Customers can watch orders come to life as they move from preparation to perfection!


Limitless Screens.
Maximum efficiency.

Designed for larger restaurants requiring 5 or more station, Fresh KDS Unlimited Plan provides the freedom of unlimited screens to scale your kitchen operations without limitations.

Trusted by restaurant owners just like you.

Other Features

But wait, there's more —

Fresh KDS comes with many other features that help restaurants eliminate errors, reduce ticket times, and decrease monthly costs. Discover more below!

Take Out View

An intuitive, unified display that makes it easy to manage takeout orders.

Bump Bar Compatible

Keep your KDS screen clean by using a Bump Bar to update orders.

iOS & Android Support

Fresh KDS is compatible with iOS 13+ and Android tablets, as well as larger, commercial-grade monitors.

Effortless POS integrations

Fresh KDS integrates with some of the best point of sale systems in the industry.

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