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Fresh KDS equips your restaurant to expedite order fulfillment, enhance communication, and delight customers—all through a user-friendly iOS and Android app.

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Hold Order
Notify Customer
Print label

Connect to the best POS systems in the industry

Square for Restaurants
Square for Restaurants

Order management

Tap into total kitchen organization

Clear Tickets

Stay on track by clearing modifiers, line items, and tickets as you go.

Organize Tickets

Organize and prioritize orders at lightning speed on a digital screen.

Hold Tickets

Hold and auto-release future orders to keep a clean board.

Recall Tickets

Quickly find and recall bumped tickets if necessary.

Display modes

Simplify off-premise orders

Split View

Group order types into two different rows so you can work on them separately.

Take Out

See an overview of all off-premise orders, track order statuses, and get notified when curbside customers arrive.


Tailor-made for your kitchen

Speed of Service Thresholds
Monitor efficiency by configuring when tickets of each order type change from “on time” to “caution” to “late”
Notification Sounds
Stay alert by choosing tones and volume settings for incoming new orders and curbside I’m Here notifications.
Ticket Layout & Font Size
Optimize readability on the KDS by selecting the ticket layout and font size for text – ticket sizes will automatically adjust.
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item summary

View items across multiple tickets at a glance

Choose which menu items to track in the item summary bar. Tap on an item to highlight all instances within the tickets, helping your team quickly identify what needs to be prepared.

Real-Time Item Count

Quickly see a count of items across all open ticket organized by quantity, alphabetically, or by custom sort order.

Interactive Item Highlighting

Easily locate specific items within orders by tapping on them in the summary bar.

SMS order updates

Keep your customers in the know

Automate order notifications to provide real-time progress updates straight from your KDS. Personalize messages with details like customer name and pickup times.

Status Notifications

Choose if you want to let customers know when their order is received, in the works, or ready for pickup.

"I'm Here" Links

Once orders are ready, send a message so customers can instantly notify you when they’ve arrived.

Multi-screen communication

Get your stations on the same page

Connect multiple KDS screens to communicate and coordinate effortlessly across workstations.


Easily strikethrough completed modifiers and items, or clear entire tickets in real-time.

Send To Next Screen

Use assembly line screen coordination to forward tickets down the line for a seamless flow.


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"Before Fresh KDS, it would take new employees 2-3 weeks to understand how we run the business – now, it is only 2-3 hours."

Kaldon Alfaouri
JJ Fish & Chicken

"Fresh KDS is something we rely on daily. I think a lot of restaurants can appreciate the clutter free nature of going digital."

Jason Wang
Xi'an Famous Foods

"Fresh KDS is absoluley critical to our operation. Kitchen staff appreciate the intuitive interface, and our guests love staying in the loop with text notifications."

Dan Simpson
Tazikis Mediterranean Café

"Fresh KDS keeps our kitchens running smoothly! With limited space, we like that it runs on tablets that can easily be positioned as needed."

Vui Hunt
Vui's Kitchen

"I'm super happy and satisfied with this system. Live customer service has been very efficient as well. My kitchen and front service staff are very happy with this. Highly recommend KDS!"

Edwin Lurduy
Mecatos Cafe W. Colonial

Pricing & plans

Catering to every restaurant's needs

Flexible pricing plans to fit any business, big or small – because we know every operation is unique.



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All the must-have features to go digital.
Includes all display modes, order management and customization settings.

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Designed for advanced workflows. Unlock enhanced communication options like SMS messaging, cross-screen communication, and printing.

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Unlimitedstarting at

Supports larger restaurants with the need for 5 or more workstations.

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Other Features

But wait, there's more —

Hold & Fire Courses

Master the art of timely dish preparation with Hold & Fire Coursing options.

Allergy Styling

Keep allergens in the spotlight and serve error-free orders, every single time.

Guest Seat Numbers

Streamline communication by displaying Course Labels and Guest Seat Numbers on orders for efficient order management.

Automatic Order Holds

Automatically place future orders on hold until their set pickup time to avoid clutter and optimize your kitchen workflow.

Bump Bar Compatible

Keep your KDS screen clean by using a Bump Bar to update orders.

Order Tracker

Display real-time updates on a customer-facing screen using an Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Fresh KDS Order Tracker companion app.

KDS Performance Analytics

Use data-driven insights to monitor ticket times and improve the speed of service in your kitchen.

Multi-Language Support

Bridge the communication gap with a multilingual KDS display available in English, Spanish, French, or German.

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