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April 9, 2024

Navigating the Square KDS Move From iPad to Android


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Hey, Square users! Things are changing this summer with Square’s announcement that they are moving their KDS to Android — but not everyone is ready for the move. 

Does Square's migration to exclusively support Android devices threaten to reshape your kitchen operations or push an update to new devices that you aren’t ready for? It may be time to consider a third-party KDS that integrates with Square and provides more flexibility for your business.

You have options. Keep reading for an insider's look at this game-changing transition and how to support your restaurant's future success.

Why Is Square Moving to Android?

Square has made the decision to transition its kitchen display system (KDS) to Android, citing several compelling reasons for this shift. One reason Square says it’s moving to Android is because of access to cheaper devices for sellers with options starting as low as $139 per screen.

Looking ahead, Square will focus its product development efforts on the Android platform, promising to deliver even more functionality at a faster pace. As a result, the Square KDS app will no longer receive updates for iPads and Apple devices. 

Ultimately, the Square KDS app will stop working on iPads on June 28, 2024. This shift requires Square users to buy new Android devices or switch to an iPad-compatible Square KDS alternative.

What Does the Square KDS Move Mean for Me?

Square's recent decision to migrate its kitchen display system to Android has sparked concerns among Apple users, introducing potential challenges and uncertainties. This move may pose difficulties if you are accustomed to the iOS platform, especially if you have already invested in Apple devices or rely heavily on existing iPads. 

You might feel a sense of urgency and frustration as you face the looming deadline for Square’s move to an Android-only KDS because it’s a change that could disrupt your workflows and require hardware adjustments you aren’t interested in making. 

The lack of updates and support for iPads — along with the pending discontinuation for iOS — leaves Square users with two options: buy new Android devices that are compatible with Square KDS or choose a Square-compatible KDS that works on iPad.

Thinking about making the move from Square KDS?

Fresh KDS provides a step-by-step process and integrates to your Square POS.

The Benefits of Using Fresh KDS With Square

Your kitchen display system should help streamline kitchen operations and improve your team’s ability to manage complex orders during your busiest peak times, without locking you into a POS. There are several reasons you should consider switching to Fresh KDS if you use Square’s point of sale system.

Seamless Square POS Integration

Fresh KDS seamlessly integrates with Square POS and Square for Restaurants POS, ensuring smooth communication between front-of-house and kitchen operations. Orders entered into Square are automatically relayed to Fresh KDS, minimizing manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Enhanced Ticket Features

Fresh KDS provides advanced order management features, allowing kitchen staff to utilize a bump bar and manually organize tickets. With Fresh, you can also hold orders on your KDS or set up automatic holds based on order pickup times. 

Customizable Display

Fresh’s Square-compatible KDS solution offers customizable display options, allowing restaurants to tailor the interface to their specific needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that kitchen staff can easily view and manage orders according to their unique workflows. For example, with Fresh, you can set custom colors to help visually differentiate tickets by order type.

Comprehensive Reporting

Fresh KDS offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, providing insights into kitchen performance, order volumes, and ticket times. This data allows restaurants to identify areas for improvement and optimize kitchen operations for greater efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Customer Communications

Fresh makes it easier than ever to communicate with your customers so they get their food at its optimal temperature and freshness. You can send automated order updates via SMS for carryout so your customers are kept in the loop. Fresh also lets you set up a customer-facing order update screen so guests waiting in your restaurant can see the status of their orders.

Personable Customer Support

Fresh is here for you every step of the way. Not only do we offer all kinds of resources to help you get set up and make the most of your KDS, but we also have people ready to help when you need a voice on the other end. 

Keep Your Device

You can choose to keep your existing devices — whether it's an iPad or an Android tablet — when using Fresh as your Square KDS alternative. Fresh KDS is compatible with iOS 13+ and Android 7+ tablet devices. Using your existing devices keeps things familiar for your kitchen staff. Plus, you can save money when you don’t have to change your equipment.

Is it Easy To Switch From Square to Fresh KDS?

Switching from Square KDS to Fresh KDS using Square POS is a simple process designed to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency for restaurant owners and kitchen staff. In many ways, Fresh KDS is similar to Square KDS and integrates seamlessly with Square’s point of sale system. 

With Square POS serving as the central hub for order management, you can integrate Fresh KDS in just a few clicks. Fresh KDS offers comprehensive integration without the need for complex configurations or manual data entry. Once connected, orders entered into Square POS are automatically relayed to Fresh KDS, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted workflow in the kitchen.

Plus, you can get two months of Fresh for free when you switch from Square — no credit card required to get started! Fresh KDS provides an intuitive setup and user-friendly interface, making it easy for your team to get it up and running quickly.

Do you want more help with your switch from Square to Fresh?

If the move to a Square KDS alternative makes you feel overwhelmed, our team is here to help; you can work directly with a knowledgeable KDS expert from Fresh to make the switch. Schedule white glove onboarding services to have someone walk you through the setup process in real time.

How Much Does Fresh KDS Cost?

Fresh KDS offers a transparent and flexible subscription model that caters to various business needs. When you sign up for Fresh KDS, you can select your preferred subscription plan, choosing the number of screens required for your kitchen operations. It’s easy to manage your subscription and scale up or down as needed.

Fresh KDS pricing starts at just $15 per month, per screen. View all pricing and plans.

How To Connect Fresh KDS to Square POS

Making the switch from Square KDS to Fresh KDS using Square POS is a hassle-free process that offers enhanced functionality, improved efficiency, and greater flexibility for your kitchen operations. You can connect your Fresh KDS directly to your Square POS and existing devices in less than 15 minutes.

  1. Create a Fresh account in a few easy steps. It's free to try and you can cancel anytime.
  2. Download the Fresh app and log in, selecting Square as your POS system.
  3. Mount your Fresh KDS screen(s) in your kitchen where they are visible for staff.
  4. Train your staff on how to mark items complete, clear tickets, and recall orders.
Connecting Fresh to your Square POS is simple.

Learn how Fresh KDS helps you   Use your own equipment Connect to your POS   Customize your ticketing system.

Already have a Fresh KDS account? Check out our Square Quick Start Guide for a more detailed, step-by-step process.

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