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April 26, 2024

Will Square Replace My KDS Hardware?


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Big changes are on the horizon this summer for Square users with the announcement of transitioning the Square KDS to be exclusively Android. For some, this is a big (and expensive) shift that means replacing perfectly good KDS equipment.

The good news? There are alternative KDS options that can seamlessly integrate with Square while offering increased flexibility for your business. Fresh allows you to keep using your Square POS and existing Apple KDS devices.

Keep reading to learn more about Square’s transition to Android and what that means for your business.

Is Square Moving Away From iOS?

Square KDS is cutting all support to iOS for its kitchen display system (KDS). While it is currently not offering updates or allowing kitchen operators to download its KDS in the Apple Store, its iOS-based KDS will cease working by June, according to the Square announcement.

Square started its KDS as an Apple-only app, leaving many users confused by the sudden move to Android. So, why has Square opted to transition its kitchen display system (KDS) to Android? One reason given by Square is that users wanted to purchase cheaper and larger Android screens. However, for the restaurant owners and operators who recently purchased iPads to work on Square KDS, this is a frustrating move that requires an equipment upgrade they aren’t ready to make. 

Looking forward, Square says it will direct its focus toward KDS product development on the Android platform while its POS and other products remain largely iOS-based.

Inevitably, the Square KDS app is set to stop working on iPads by June 28, 2024. This transition means Square users must either purchase Android screens or explore alternative KDS solutions compatible with their existing display hardware and POS.

Will Square Replace My KDS Hardware?

Users have taken to Reddit asking if Square will replace their hardware or help them cut their losses when it comes time to make the KDS shift. Square has not commented on any plans to help users with reimbursements or trade-ins on their Apple hardware.

The pending discontinuation of iOS leaves Square users with two options: buy new Android screens to keep using the Square KDS or move to a Square-alternative KDS that works with their iPads and Square POS.

Fresh KDS is partnering with Square so users can keep their existing devices with a Square-compatible KDS. Better yet, we’re offering a special deal. For a limited time, when users move from Square KDS to Fresh KDS, they can get the first two months for free.

Thinking about making the move from Square KDS?

Fresh KDS provides a step-by-step process and integrates to your Square POS.

Why Square Users Love Fresh KDS

Many users who make the move from Square KDS to Fresh KDS find that they actually prefer the switch. Here are a few of the reasons kitchen operators prefer Fresh for optimizing their workflows.

Use the Devices You Own

Fresh KDS allows you to utilize the devices you want — working on both iPads and Android tablets. This flexibility minimizes additional hardware expenses that would come from upgrading your equipment before it’s time to replace it. Plus, Fresh supports staff familiarity by allowing you to stick with the interface (Apple or Android) that you prefer.

Compatible With Square (And Other POSs)

With Fresh, you don’t have to change your point of sale system. Fresh KDS seamlessly integrates with Square POS and other leading POS systems (like Clover and Lightspeed), letting you use your preferred POS setup while enhancing kitchen operations with advanced KDS functionalities. This compatibility ensures smooth communication between front-of-house and kitchen staff, optimizing order management and improving overall efficiency.

Additional KDS Features

Fresh is a KDS-first product, meaning we are all about building the best KDS out there. With features such as customizable ticket views, real-time SMS order updates for customers, and comprehensive reporting, Fresh KDS helps you do more. Our kitchen display system is intuitive and easy to use, empowering your team to streamline operations and clarify workflows at a glance. These advanced features provide greater visibility into kitchen operations, enabling users to make data-driven decisions and improve performance over time.

Personalized Support

We are committed to helping our users get the most out of Fresh. From the very start, we have resources to help you walk through your KDS setup. Run into an issue? Reach out and our team provides personalized assistance to help you answer your question or get to where you need to go. We want to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success with Fresh. Plus, check out our podcast or blog to get industry insights and tips on how to do more with your KDS.

Is It Easy To Connect Fresh KDS to Square?

Switching from Square KDS to Fresh KDS using Square POS is a simple process designed to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency for restaurant owners and kitchen staff. In many ways, Fresh KDS is similar to Square KDS and integrates seamlessly with Square’s point-of-sale system. 

With Square POS serving as the central hub for order management, you can integrate Fresh KDS in just a few clicks. Fresh KDS offers comprehensive integration without the need for complex configurations or manual data entry. Once connected, orders entered into Square POS are automatically relayed to Fresh KDS, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted workflow in the kitchen.

Plus, you can get two months of Fresh for free when you switch from Square — no credit card required to get started! Fresh KDS provides an intuitive setup and user-friendly interface, making it easy for your team to get it up and running quickly.

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Want more support making the move from Square to Fresh?

We know not all users want to navigate this changeover on their own. Take advantage of our white glove onboarding services to receive real-time guidance through the setup process. We’ll help ensure a smooth transition for your business as you work directly with a seasoned KDS specialist from Fresh. 

Cost of Fresh KDS vs. Square KDS?

Is Fresh KDS more expensive than Square KDS? The simple answer is no.

After your free trial period, both Fresh KDS and Square KDS require a monthly subscription that is based on the capabilities, number of locations, and number of screens you use. Square’s KDS pricing starts at $20 per month while Fresh starts their KDS plans at $15 per month.

Fresh keeps plan pricing transparent and makes it easy to manage your subscription and add or remove screens as needed. 

Fresh KDS pricing starts at just $15 per month, per screen. View all pricing and plans.

Is Fresh the Best Square KDS Alternative?

Fresh is committed to empowering its users with a seamless and efficient kitchen management solution, especially in the face of industry shifts. We understand why you might feel frustrated by Square’s choice to move away from iPads, and we are here to help. Fresh will continue to support both device types and give you the freedom to choose your hardware and POS system.

With a user-centric approach, Fresh offers personalized support, intuitive features, and flexible options that cater to the unique needs of your business.

Whether it's helping users navigate the transition process or continued innovation of our KDS, our team wants you to feel equipped to optimize your kitchen operations in a meaningful way. Choose Fresh and empower your culinary endeavors.

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