What Can I Do To Save My Restaurant Money?

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What Can I Do To Save My Restaurant Money?

One of the easiest ways you can help your restaurant save money is by implementing a Kitchen Display System (KDS). It has many features that can help you cut costs and increase sales. Read on to see how a KDS can benefit your restaurant.

What is a KDS?

A kitchen display system, also known as a KDS, is a digital system in restaurants that replaces printed and handwritten orders. Most restaurants have begun implementing them to make running the establishments easier.

How Can a KDS Help Save Money?

  • Fewer Refunds: A significant amount of a restaurant's income is lost to refunds. This can be because of incorrect orders or cold food, making your restaurant look bad. Implementing a KDS ensures correct orders are being sent to the kitchen, and servers can check on the status of the orders, so they're not picking them up late.
  • Less waste: When a customer sends food back for being cold or incorrect, that food cannot be reused; it must be thrown away, which ultimately takes away from profits. With a KDS in place, there is an extremely small chance of the food being incorrect, and the system organizes the food items so that the kitchen staff knows which to prepare first.
  • Less money on paper: Restaurants go through a ton of paper every day, whether that be printing out orders or writing them down. Using a KDS removes the need for paper and can save you money on paper costs.
  • Less money spent on training: Training employees can take hours, which costs the restaurant money. A KDS can help with training, as it provides operational procedures and recipes for staff to view, and staff in training and use it as they work.

There are many companies who offer KDSs and who have great pricing plans, so you can get the best deal.

Other Ways to Save Money

Restaurant owners and managers often have to make difficult decisions about which expenses to cut to stay afloat. Here are a few tips for saving money on your restaurant operation:

1. Review your menu and prices regularly. When you make changes, test them out in the restaurant before making a permanent change. This way, you can avoid embarrassing mistakes and keep your customers happy.

2. Negotiate discounts with local suppliers. Ask your vendors for better deals when ordering large quantities or for special events. You might also be able to negotiate special pricing arrangements with specific suppliers.

3. Reduce waste where possible. This means being careful with how food is stored and prepared and reducing the amount of paper used in the restaurant. You can also explore recycling options to reduce environmental wastefulness

4. Evaluate your hours of operation regularly and make changes where necessary. Establishing sensible hours will help you manage your costs, as well as give you time to recover from business trips and other commitments.

5. Consider hiring a management consultant or consultant to help you develop the best operating procedures for your restaurant. The consultant will be able to give you advice on things such as how many people should be in the kitchen at any one time, what policies should be in place controlling costs and how much staff should be working during peak hours.

6. Review your marketing plan regularly and make changes where necessary. It is possible to have too many promotions that are not very effective or too few that are well targeted! By reviewing your marketing strategy regularly, you can ensure that it is continually evolving to serve your customers' needs.

Save Money

Compare prices and features of different kitchen display systems before making a purchase. It is important to compare to find the best option for your restaurant budget. Doing this will help you avoid spending too much money on an unnecessary system and also ensure that the system meets your specific needs.

The Best Kitchen Display System Starting at $19/mo

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