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How JJ Fish & Chicken improved staff training & reduced wait times by 50%

In a quest to enhance operations, the Fulton location of JJ Fish & Chicken implemented Fresh KDS, a transformative digital solution that took the business to new heights.


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Atlanta, Georgia United States

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About JJ Fish & Chicken

JJ Fish & Chicken, an iconic Chicago staple, has successfully brought their renowned flavors to multiple states, including California, Georgia, Indiana, and North Carolina. Their commitment to quality makes customers consistently delighted by their menu offerings. From perfectly fried chicken and flavorful catfish to crispy okra and hush puppies, every item is prepared fresh and made to order. The best part? All of these delicious options are affordable, making JJ Fish & Chicken a true gem in the culinary scene.

Kaldon Alfaouri, the General Manager of the Fulton Location in Atlanta, Georgia, elevated his establishment by implementing Fresh KDS with Clover POS. By striving for perfection and adopting innovative technologies, Kaldon successfully transformed his location into one of the busiest, with lightning-fast service, minimal wait times, and a highly trained staff. 

“The service here is faster and more professional.”
Kaldon Alfaouri | General Manager
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Communication Hurdles

In the beginning, the Fulton location of JJ Fish & Chicken followed the traditional practice of manually writing down orders on paper tickets, similar to many other branches. However, Kaldon swiftly recognized the limitations of this approach. Apart from the frequent occurrence of missing tickets, the handwritten system presented a range of communication challenges. Illegible handwriting made it difficult for the kitchen staff to decipher the orders, and different abbreviations or symbols used by staff members only added to the confusion.

Kaldon shed light on the fact that even a seemingly simple task like writing a sentence could be interpreted differently by multiple individuals. He emphasized that this same confusion was present within his own restaurant when cashiers would take down orders. The general manager continued by pointing out that using Fresh KDS had significantly mitigated this issue, resulting in a much smoother process for everyone involved, particularly the kitchen staff.

Success With Staff

Kaldon noted the advantages of going digital extend far beyond overcoming communication barriers. He also saw substantial improvements in his overall staff, beginning with training and employee retention.

“Before Fresh KDS, it would take new employees 2-3 weeks to understand how we run the business – now, it is only 2-3 hours.”
Kaldon Alfaouri | General Manager

The streamlined approach at the Fulton establishment helped new employees quickly grasp the workflow, resulting in a higher retention rate. This allowed Kaldon to maintain a more stable staff and concentrate on the core aspects of his business instead of constantly recruiting and training new team members.

Servin’ Up Efficiency

By enhancing their process, the Fulton location of JJ Fish & Chicken has also improved order efficiency. The restaurant currently uses three Fresh KDS screens, two designated for the kitchen and one for the prep area. This system allows each station to have a clear and simultaneous view of the same ticket to prepare the required items. As a result, orders are processed swiftly and accurately, reducing customer wait times.

“A line of 20 people could take 10 minutes [before]; with Fresh KDS, it now takes 5 minutes."
Kaldon Alfaouri | General Manager

The Fulton location has experienced great success by using Fresh KDS with Clover, and embracing this digital solution is one General Manager Kaldon Alfaouri highly recommends for those seeking to ease operations and improve their speed of service.

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