Restaurant Online Ordering Systems: A Simple Guide

August 10, 2022
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Restaurant Online Ordering Systems: A Simple Guide

In this post-pandemic world, customers have grown used to the convenience of online ordering. Not only does it decrease their wait time, but there are options for a delivery driver to bring them their food without any extra effort. If your restaurant has not yet implemented an online ordering system, you're going to want to soon.

What is an Online Ordering System?

An online ordering system is a digital system through which guests can order food directly from your restaurant's website. Through this ordering system, your restaurant sets up the menu, facilitates the order, and completes the transaction.

In the new era of online ordering, it's an effective way to increase your restaurant's revenue.

Parts of an Effective Online Ordering System

An effective online ordering system provides a fast and easy experience for your customers while also increasing sales and order sizes for your business.

Modern Online Menu

When considering ordering from a restaurant, the very first thing individuals do is look at the menu. This goes for both patrons that dined in and those who placed orders for pickup or delivery. Many orders begin at the online menu, which makes having a modern menu with an easy interface important.

When setting up your menu to be viewed online, you want to make sure the more popular items are at the very top of the menu, as these are going to be the ones guests gravitate towards most; putting them at the very top makes it more convenient. You'll also want to include delicious-looking pictures next to every menu item to make your guests' mouth water, as well as ratings of those menu items.

Having a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate menu is a key component of bringing in new guests.


Additionally, one of the most important parts of an interaction with the customer is upselling. In person, a staff member may upsell by suggesting the dessert of the day or recommending a new menu item. If this method works in person, why not include it for online ordering?

During the checkout process, once the customer has selected all of their items, including a pop-up that includes commonly purchased items, such as chips and dips or a drink. You can even upsell an entire entree. It's a great way to increase revenue.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to bring new guests into your restaurant. Patrons who already love your restaurant purchase gift cards to bring in friends and family, and it generates positive word of mouth. In regards to the online ordering system for restaurants, gift card purchases should be available to be used online. If a gift card works in person, there is no reason why it should not also work online.

Third-Party App

There are several different third-party online ordering apps available, such as Uber Eats and Doordash, and these third-party companies list hundreds of restaurants in a single app, sorted by location. This form of app is very beneficial to restaurants because it gives customers easy access to their menu. Third-party ordering apps give customers the option to order ahead for pickup, as well as have an independent contractor pick up their food for them, and it gives restaurants another way to make money.

Within the restaurants, the orders come in through a kitchen tablet, and staff can either accept or decline the order. Depending on the restaurant's online ordering system, the order will either automatically be added to the POS or staff members will have to manually add it in. Either way, orders are immediately sent to your restaurants, boosting your revenue.

Kitchen Display System

Many restaurants are now implementing kitchen display systems KDS into their kitchens. It is a digital display of orders and recipes, and it helps kitchen staff pace the meals they are creating.

A KDS replaces the normal restaurant ticket system by sending orders digitally to the back of the house. Before, restaurants would rely on loud receipt printers and written guest orders, which were subject to being stained by food and lost. With a KDS, there is a screen mounted on the wall to keep track of order progress and a tablet for the kitchen.

With the increased popularity of third-party apps and other online ordering systems, most KDS can be paired with a POS in the front of the house so that orders received at the POS for online orders are directed to the back of the house. Ultimately, a KDS keeps the kitchen organized and helps them to fulfill orders accurately.

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