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June 6, 2023

How Xi’an Famous Foods leveraged Fresh KDS with Clover to enhance its operations.

Jason Wang, CEO of Xi'an Famous Foods, has utilized cutting-edge technology to drive the chain's expansion. He credits tools such as Fresh KDS for opening up possibilities for improved operations and extraordinary customer experiences.


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The Impact of Technology

In 2009, Jason immediately recognized how technology could improve operations at Xi’an Famous Foods. “A KDS is something that makes a lot of sense, for QSR especially,” Jason said.  With a background in business and technology, Jason set out to integrate tech that could add value and support the chain’s expansion.

Xi’an Famous Foods initially relied on a locally supported POS solution. Although this POS met his needs at the time, Jason soon realized he needed a more advanced system to grow with the brand.

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Jason explored various providers before settling on Clover. One thing that appealed to Jason about Clover was the thriving third-party app ecosystem. “Clover was more open to companies like Fresh Technology to develop tools.” Jason added, “It felt like more of an open market for us.”

As Jason continued to prioritize operations, he found Fresh KDS - a kitchen display system that works with Clover POS. He recounts the sales experience and the KDS functionality as primary drivers in the decision-making process.

Ultimately, it was the tool that would allow his business to focus on what truly mattered — the product.

“Fresh KDS is something we rely on daily.”
Jason Wang | CEO of Xi'an

Jason further notes a strong appreciation for the ‘no frills’ focus and the simplicity of using Fresh KDS with Clover.

Embracing The Change

Going digital in the kitchen has been a resounding success for Xi’an Famous Foods - now operating 12 brick and mortar locations plus an eCommerce meal kit business. They use KDS tablets at all workstations and only need paper for customer receipts.

“I think a lot of restaurants can appreciate the clutter-free nature of going digital.” 
Jason Wang | CEO of Xi'an

Jason highlights additional advantages of a wireless connection, the user-friendly KDS interface, and its ability to aggregate information (i.e., kiosk and third-party orders) in one place.

He notes, "It is all about necessity" when choosing the right tools for his business, and Fresh KDS is honored to have met the mark of necessity in Jason's eyes.

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